Sai Ram

Graceful Lord Sai Ram!

I lay my love at thy blue Lotus Feet

Accept my devotional prose and verse

A garland of words thread meticulously

 Coined with immaculate adoration for thee

  My soul recalling loving

Thou art the writer, I am the pen


Beautiful Lord Sai Ram!

Unique lover of thy devotee

Giver of boons and miracle maker

Bestower of Grace and Realization

Remover of darkness

Thou art the Light of the Universe


Compassionate Lord Sai Ram!

Savior of the destitute, the orphan, the forlorn and the homeless

 Omniscient Lord Krishna

Keeper of thy devotee’s chastity

Protector of morality

Shower thy blessings on all who read these lines!

–  Anita Bacha –


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