Sai Devotee Isaac Tigrett

On 21.11.2008, by the Grace of the Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I was allocated a seat in the VIP line for the morning darshan (to be in the divine presence). I could sense that beautiful things were going to happen. I was seated in front of the dais. Opposite me, dressed in white sari, pretty girls who are studying in one of the Sai Educational Institutions were sitting quietly and waiting. Several times our eyes met and we smiled discreetly at each other. Baba ignites in the heart of his near and dear ones the light of pure love. This incident reminded me of the sweet words of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, when one of his devotees was charmed by the beauty of a lady who had come for his darshan:

“When Brahmadev has created this Universe,

If we do not appreciate it,

The ingenuity and skill will be in vain.

He who has no evil thought in his mind,

Why should he fear anyone?

Eyes do their work of seeing.

Then why feel embarrassed?”

 Not far away, under the verandah, the American devotee, Isaac Tigrett, was the only one occupying a chair, hence his presence was overall noticeable. Several times, he turned around and our eyes met. He was one of the devotees I had always wanted to see and also to meet. Isaac Tigrett is the Founder of the Hard Rock Café and the House of Blues. He is also the unseen ‘architect’ behind the Super Specialty Hospital in Puttaparthi. A man with a big heart, he is an important donor to the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust. I had read a lot about him, his childhood, his adult life and his good deeds as a Sai devotee. I thought that we had lived similar life experiences and we have had the same or almost the same amazing experiences with our common  sadguru, Baba, taking into account that the experience of each and every devotee is a unique divine romance with the Lord. By Baba’s will, I was seeing Isaac Tigrett as if he was posed there especially for me.

‘Thank you, Lord!’ I murmured to Baba.

I could sense that a meeting, designed by the Divine Will between Isaac Tigrett and me, was not very far ahead. Possibly, we were both the actors in a play staged by the Lord because he knows every recess of our heart, our desires, our innermost feelings and our deepest thoughts.

 Anita Bacha


3 thoughts on “Sai Devotee Isaac Tigrett

    • Hiya Sri Kapil Hanuman! When we dedicate all ours thoughts, feelings and deeds to God, then..only then we are able to identify what is god’s divine play. On the other hand, if we are able to realize our own feelings then we are god. But I have not reached this stage yet when I can produce such results. So far I beleive in god and he answers all my prayers.
      Welcome to my blog!
      Nice to meet you!


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