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‘The crocodile is happy, unscathed and undefeatable in the depth of the lake or the river. Once it sprawls on land, it becomes the target of death, the plaything of man. The depths! They are your refuge, the source of your strength. Do not stray into the shallows of the sands. In the depth, you have the silence, where you can converse with God ‘  Sri Sathya Sai Baba.



15 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

    • Thank you so much for reading of my posts and for your valuable time spent in commenting.
      May you remain blessed!
      At the beginning I was posting only the sayings of Sai Baba in my blog, then I created a page in Facebook where I got daily response from devotees of the Guru.
      I have also authored and published two books on my experiences with Sai . They’re ‘The Maker of Miracles ‘and ‘My Journey with God’. Should you be interested to obtain a copy of either, you can find them on and nearer home, from Dorrance Publishing in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. They published ‘The Maker of Miracles ‘ in 2006.
      Thank you once more. I am overwhelmed by your kindness.

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      • Sorry for my late response. I am always interested in the human condition, and just people in general, especially from other cultures. To me it is a way to getting to know about them. We focus on differences and are often afraid to make that move to get to know someone that we perceive as different. I think we should break that pattern, and offer a hand to each other.
        I am a curious person and always want to know things, so you are giving me a glimpse into some new things, and I really appreciate these discoveries.
        I will check out your Facebook page.
        I would like to comment more, but I am usually pressed for time, there sure isn’t enough of that. It sometimes gets hard to keep up with everyone, but every blogger has something unique to add to the panorama that is life, and that they share it is a goof thing. It helps me at least understand people and realize that I should be grateful. Some times it is very humbling.
        Do you know the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti? What do you think of his teachings?
        You are kind are well and very devoted and caring person, that shows in your writings.

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      • The group of Sai devotees that I have created and administer is the ‘Prema Sai Group ‘ in Facebook.
        I know the writer Krishnamurti. I have never indulged deeply into his teachings. Sai Baba was not merely a spiritual teacher but also a healer and he was endowed with surnaturel powers. These aspects of his persona greatly attracted me.
        I am cooking dinner. Catch up with you later.
        Have a nice evening

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      • Enjoy your meal, and have a good night. I know our times are different.
        It is afternoon here, and cold and raining. It is very dreary.
        I did not know that about him. A quite remarkable and amazing soul.
        I was not here yesterday at all, so I am trying to catch up.

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      • Thank you 😊 I am cooking for a chicken curry with jamaïcain spices and rice for my son 😊I miss the evening meal 🥘 normally.
        Well, to come back to Baba. I heard about his miracles on a French tv channel. I was in those days suffering a great deal from anxiety, depression and panic attacks. My husband took me to Baba for healing and cure.He did not meet us . Later I will tell you the reason. The next day, he gave the devotees ‘darshan ‘ , I was there. He gave me the eye contact when He was walking away and in my heart I told him ‘ you called for me and you don’t know i am here. ‘He stopped, turned around and looked deep into my eyes.
        We never talked but I saw him in dreams.
        Somehow I realized that I was cured of the various diseases and in 2004 of breast cancer.
        May sound unbelievable but I have lived these experiences and many more.
        I am now in London. It’s very cold and raining here as well.
        I am leaving for Mauritius next week.
        Good night and sweet dreams

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      • Your talking of cooking, makes me hungry for different foods, and preparation techniques.
        That is one reason why I am so interested in other cultures.
        I also suffer from anxiety, and depression. I do not care for the Western treatment, which consists of drugs and therapy. The drugs if they work at all are only a temporary masking, that leads you to dependence. I do not want to be dependent on something artificial.
        I know the power of the mind is great, it is untapped and potentially limitless.
        The interaction between people with open and receptive minds can be life changing, as demonstrated by your experiences. I don’t question anything. Anything and everything are possible, the unexplainable.
        I would love to hear more of your experiences. I hope your dinner was good, and that the rain stopped.
        This coming week, the forecast is more rain for here.
        Maurititius looks like a very nice place. I have never been anywhere outside of the US.

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      • Thank you for the response 😊
        Mauritius is a British colony won Independence in 1968. My great grandparents were settlers from India. But we never spoke Hindi at home. At school i learned English and French. Mauritius was first aFrench colony. Our cuisine is cosmopolitan. The population is multi cultural.
        Try to get a copy of my book ‘The Maker of Miracles ‘ from Dorrance Publishing in the States. You don’t have to pay for freight. I can’t write about my experiences here. Too many.
        I have a PDF copy which I can send you by email.
        Have a great Sunday
        Catch up with you soon

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