Few Lines for You


 In silence I probe my heart

 To write some lines for you

 ‘Ask the meadow!’  Says my heart

 ’Ask the flower!’ Says the meadow

 ‘Ask the lake!’ Says the flower


Lulled by quiet inspiration

 These lines I write for you


Afloat on a lake of heavenly bliss

 In the meadow of my heart

On a bed of scented flowers

Your memory lingers

 As profound as the still waters

As vast as the meadow

As nostalgic as the perfume of wild blooms


If I were to forget you

I would forget the meadow, the flower, the lake

I would forget my poetry

Anita Bacha


1 thought on “Few Lines for You

  1. Few Lines for You

    Few lines for You or Me, for
    Neither for You nor Me,
    Who are these You ‘n Me?
    Few lines are like few Diamonds, in
    The vast mines of dirty dark coals,
    Worthless as they look,
    Can kindle the bonfire you look,
    Had the few Diamonds like few lines,
    Not been there, the
    Difference between few Diamonds, ‘n
    Vast gradients of coal won’t be known,
    Heart ‘n Love everybody talks about, is
    Not even visible unlike a few lines,
    Insignificant may look like, as it may, but
    Its impact is so grievous ‘n grave,
    Can lead to libels or love,
    Like the words ‘n Any arrow,
    Once shot can’t reprieve,
    The broken Heart ‘n Love, but
    The few lines for you,
    Worthy of both Life ‘n Death,
    I promise, if I were to forget You Any,
    I would forget the meadows, the flowers, the lake,
    I would forget my poetry, or even myself, Any
    I would forget my ‘I’,
    ‘Coz ‘I’ then merge in ‘I’,
    A ‘Few’ in ‘M-Any’,
    The river into the Occean Divine,
    Deeply entrenched, quietly flowing liberated,
    In the depths of the mines of the ‘Mine’,
    Your Love ‘n Loving Heart Divine,
    My loss is My gain,
    ‘I’ only lost few, to imperishable gain,
    Oblivious of loss or gain, Any
    Became the scarce ‘I’ vast Eternal Divine.
    Few lines for You,
    Those Few Lines for You,
    ‘N only for You, my Love Divine.
    Not many Any but my Love Divine.
    Few Lines for You…
    Few Lines for You…

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