Birthdays and Events

I am a Capricorn.

I believe in hard work, achievement and success.  I am idealistic, dynamic and go getting. I am ambitious and I know how to take my dreams further. For me ‘nothing succeeds like success ‘and ‘nothing venture, nothing gain’

 In life and in love, I always go for the best.

I am loving and compassionate. I adore and cherish children .I love and respect my elders and old folks.

I love my friends and I will do anything to make them happy.

I firmly advocate for ‘only when I love myself, I am able to truly love others’.

I stand for liberty, peace and justice.

I claim loudly that only love makes the world go round.

The list of intrinsic worth is quite extensive so the arduous rock climber will pause here.

Defects I have a few but, too few to mention.

Happy Birthday to All Capricorns!

– Anita Bacha –CAPRICORN


4 thoughts on “Birthdays and Events

  1. Aniji, Sai Ram.

    I am tracing the begining of our Divine Sai Journey tonight. This is where we did it. It is a pleasure that I met you here, being a non-Capricorn. It is a grace of our Divine interlocuter that we are where we are.

    I spent my life for my friends altruistically, never cared for myself. Now I think that I must have given some consideration to me. However looking back, it may not have been possible because we cannot undo the Divine Will. It is never late. I am just learning and catching up.

    Yours in Sai Love,


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