HAPPY 2013

One year has left

Another has stepped in

It all happened so suddenly

In a blink of the eye

Did I love you enough, my dear friend?

Did I say it often enough?

Time waits for none

But love stands the test of time

God has blessed me with this life

And, you as my friend

Trust in my love and friendship

You are God’s gift to me

You live in my heart

I love you

I wish you plenty of everything you desire in 2013

Happy New Year, my dear friend!

– Anita Bacha –

HAPPY 2012


5 thoughts on “HAPPY 2013

  1. Swamy said:
    Language of Heart
    Religion of Love,
    Caste of Humanity.

    Then at the end, Swamy started by asking, “So far I taught you that My Life is My Message, now I want to see, your Life is My Message”. The big message is, “Did we fail or pass Swamy in His examanition or mission”? We can all have a “Self Assessment”.

    Om Sai Ram


      The Guru left the physical body in 2011. Those who passed the exmas ,became Gurus . Others have to resit. Then OM Ji life is a continuous learning process. even the new gurus have to learn more until they gain liberation ‘moksha’.Every day is a new lesson. The blind man is accompanied by the man who sees. The one who sees must lead the blind..the ignorant..the one who cannot see the Glory of God..
      God bless Omji!


      • Very true. This is “Kaliyug”. Kali comes from its root word – “Kalah”, which means strife of quarrel in English. Yug is known to you as era. Hence in this Kaliyug, if not all, most are (spiritually) blind – ignorance. I still remember a nice maxim in our surgical book, “If your mind doesn’t know, eyes do not see”! How correct it is in all speres? Om Sai Ram. Keep your torch of divine light burning…


      • The doors of The Kingdom Of God are open to all. Each individual climbs the spiritual ladder at his own pace. If not in this one, he will surely reach there in another life or he can take many lifetimes..but he will.much love.


  2. Hiya Aniji,
    Baba has been very kind on both of us to bring us close. His work is inscrutable. He alone is the Mastercraftsman, The Divine Vishwakarma of this Universe. Even to get together with other Sai devotees, who are sincere and purified is a good fortunate. I am fortunate to have got your company in this life, Grace of Baba. Preparation of our other examinations will be certainly made easy. Two is better than one, it makes a good company, the journey will be easier.

    In Sai Love, we live together for a better future for all,


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