The Sea


 You growled loudly;

Your hoarse voice I heard clearly;

My steps I hastened towards you;

Halted on the sand still warm,

Out of breath,

The sea, I‘ve been watching you!

Mysterious, a woman you resembled;

In the darkness,

A few stars had assembled,

I imagined your gorgeous beauty,

Gauged your ferocious mighty;

A strong smell I breathed in,

Tears, I guessed, had turned your water salty;

Sated, I turned around,

Ran away to hide,

Returned to my bed to cry;


Dawn came, birds chirped noisily;

Awoken, I listened to your silence;

Walked back to watch you, the sea,

Basking in tender quietness;

Behind you, the glorious sun had risen;

Your hair flowing, angry and rippled

In a gentle caress was softened

Hugged like a fond lover

Kissed over and over,

Lulled you were in his delicious warmth;

Conquered by his irresistible charm,

Tranquil, you had fallen into his arms;

Hushed, you were the sea,

A lost love you had found

Anita Bacha

(Pereybere- Mauritius 2013)

The Sea




9 thoughts on “The Sea

  1. Hiya Dear,
    It is my Divine pleasure to be here in Your Divine care. I have gathered my pabbles and jot down for your affirmations. The Divine Doctor Euperior was kind, no very kind to repair the broken Hearts…

    Here we go..

    Inside Intensive Care Unit– Expressions, Passions, Reflections

    Inside Intensive Care Unit,
    Oh! Intensive Care Unit,
    You mean ICU,
    That’s correct,
    You got it right,
    I was battered, shattered,
    Broken ‘n frittered,
    Not bodily, but Heart…ily,
    Do You call it a Heart,
    Heart attack – no, no, a Heartache, but
    Very fragile, very brittle, like glass,
    Even a little harsh breeze,
    Can easily, mercilessly fritter it,
    It needed an expert care,
    My Heart physician said,
    Needs an ICU,
    Put flat in bed,
    With tubes ‘n tags,
    ‘Any’ where, here ‘n there,
    All over ‘n everywhere,
    They could lay their hands on,
    Yes ‘Any’ where,
    Throttled with ventilator care,
    Gagged, choked, firmly tied,
    Voice was silenced, but
    Eyes kept rowing ‘n speaking,
    She was laid beside me, too,
    They said, not but two patients came,
    Simultaneously in same condition,
    Both saying each other,
    Love You more than before,
    ‘Coz Love is Divine,
    Beyond grief, shatter or batter,
    Can’t be cut, burnt or shunt,
    Always in Bliss Divine,
    Bliss was instant,
    When We came out, discharged,
    Both are out,
    He ‘n She,
    Surprise of surprises,
    Both repaired, healed, in immaculate condition,
    Out of ICU,
    Original ‘n brand new,
    No scars, no stains,
    No knots or crests or troughs,
    The Thread is as straight, smooth as before,
    Better than before, polished ‘n shiny,
    Only Pure Love Divine,
    Always in Bliss,
    Sat Chit Anand.


  2. Hiya Dear, Anitaji,
    Here is the address of my ICU –

    Where is Your ICU? – Expressions, Passions, Reflections

    She asked Me poignantly,
    Where is Your ICU?
    Stunned ‘n dumbfounded,
    Looked in Her Blue Eyes,
    Beautiful, intoxicating,
    Full of vigour ‘n Youth,
    Bubbling with gorgeous energy,
    Bubbly ‘n wobbly,
    Full of pride ‘n vanity,
    Just wondered,
    How oblivious, ‘n ignorant,
    Innocent ‘n illusive,
    Caught up in Maayaajaal,
    Maayaajaal translated can be,
    Perhaps as Earthly labyrinth,
    Bondage in its glamorous delusion,
    I droped my Eyes a bit,
    Down on Her chest, no
    On Her Heart Divine,
    Up ‘n down a few times,
    Gazed in Divine Spirit,
    Into Her Eyes Divine, ‘n
    Heart superb, a fantasy land,
    Pure as milky Dove,
    White as snow,
    The message was passed,
    Silently from Eyes to the Heart,
    My ICU lies nowhere else,
    It is right here ‘n there,
    In the depths of Your Heart Divine,
    She wondered, pondered, baffled,
    Who is Your Doctor?
    Who is the controller?
    ‘Any’ is my Doctor ‘n Baba is the controller,
    I exclaimed in my heart,
    Same wireless message passed,
    Baffled ‘n ruffled, She was,
    She denied, no, no,
    I am not the Doctor, but
    He is the Doctor Divine ‘n Controller Superior,
    He is nobody or ‘Any’ body, but
    Sri Satya Sai Baba,
    The immanent ‘n permanent,
    The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient.
    Sri Satya Sai Baba, Sri Satya Sai Baba…
    Om His Divine Child…


  3. Dear Anitaji,
    Please accept my one more bouquet in furtherance of my passion here, hope you will like it.

    The Sea Divine – Expressions, Passions, Reflections

    She composed a poem, ‘The Sea’,
    Blessed me, if I am the inspiration, so it be,
    Verma said, Sharma said, Vishwakarma said,
    Sea is Infinite symbolically,
    Even Yashoda used to growl,
    Grumble, bumble ‘n rumble,
    Smacked, slapped, even dragged Him angrily,
    Was She ‘Any’ angry or dejected?
    No, not the least, She couldn’t be,
    She longed, yearned ‘n prayed,
    In agony ‘n agony of delusion,
    Agony in illusion ‘n hallucination,
    Agony of Maayaa, its all Maayaa,
    She won’t trust Him,
    Too tender, too kidling ‘n naive,
    Doesn’t understand, She bemoans,
    Too little to believe ‘n grudgingly complains,
    One day, She thundered, groused ‘n groped,
    Asked Him to open His mouth Divine,
    Opened His mouth, loll,
    Had He eaten, just to see?
    Lo ‘n behold,
    What She saw, The Sea Divine?
    The Sea Infinite or Finite,
    The Sea Divine,
    The Universe twirling ‘n whirling,
    Turning ‘n twisting, like Rock ‘n roll,
    Inside His tiny kidling mouth,
    Inside His tiny Throat Divine,
    Was that Infinite or Finite,
    How could the infinite fit in a little kid’s finite mouth,
    I learnt it in amazement,
    Who is Finite or Infinite,
    The finite is Sea, just the Seen, or
    The Lord Superior Divine,
    The Unseen, immanent ‘n Immaterial is Infinite,
    Squeezing The Sea finite inside His infinite throat,
    Who is ever in Bliss,
    The Bliss Divine, which
    Krishna or Sai were,
    Infinity wrapped up bundled ‘n shrunk, in
    Finite throat, it is all Maayaa’s paradox,
    The Maayaa as His consort,
    Visible to us earthly beings, call it,
    The Sea Divine, Finite or Infinite,
    Choice is yours,
    The Sea Divine,
    The Sea Divine.

    In sai we trust,


      • Anitaji,
        Please permit me to say, “Your loss is my gain, since you ‘n I are one, so Baba says, hence nobody or Any body is neither a looser or gainer, it is an equilitarian game.” To gain something, one has to lose something, hence kindly check your balance sheet.

        This is the beauty of Divine Love. Love is the strongest binding force, which the nature is bound with. Every micro to macro being in this visible world has a spark of Love, which keeps it going.

        You are a gainer even in your loss, this is another Law of Nature. More later. Om


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