A Story of Faith and Belief

 Harry and Krishna


Once there was a little boy who lived with his poor, widowed mother in a far away village.

His name was Harry. During school holidays he had no friend with whom to play. His mother was a loving woman and played with him when she was not busy with her household chores. One day, however, she fell ill and Harry became very lonely. His mother consoled him and told him to go out and play with Krishna.

‘Who is Krishna?’ Harry asked his mother.

‘Krishna is the friend of all!’

Harry rushed out eagerly calling ‘Krishna! Krishna!’

‘Hello!’ said a cow herd boy coming from behind a tree ‘why are you calling my name?’

“Let’s play!’ Harry uttered with joy.

They played together during the school holidays.

Back to school, Harry told the school master about his new friend, Krishna. The school master listened to his story but did not believe a word of it.

Soon it was the birthday of the school master. Harry became very sad; he had no money to buy him a birthday present. His mother then reminded him of his friend Krishna.

‘Go and talk to your friend Krishna’ she told Harry, ‘he will surely help you!’

Harry did as he was told and Krishna gave him a pot of butter milk.

‘Here! This is a birthday present for your school master!’

Unfortunately, the school master was not happy with the present. He scorned at it and asked his servant to throw the milk curd away. The servant complied but amazingly, the pot was filled with milk curd again. After several attempts to empty the pot, he ran to the school master to tell him about the incredible happening.

‘What!’ the school master exclaimed ‘it must be a magic pot!’ He immediately summoned Harry and asked him about the source of the pot.

When Harry replied that his friend Krishna gave it to him, the school master asked him to take him to Krishna immediately.

‘I want to see your friend!’ he exclaimed.

 The school master followed Harry to the place where he met Krishna. At the top of his voice, Harry called for his friend but Krishna did not appear. Then from behind a tree, they heard another voice:

‘Why are you calling me Harry?’

Harry recognized the voice of his friend Krishna. He replied:

‘My school master wants to see you.’

‘The school master cannot see me, Harry, because no one can see me unless he believes in me!’ said the voice gently but firmly.

The school master was bowled over. He returned to the school with his tail between his legs.


Anita Bacha

Harry and Krishna


9 thoughts on “A Story of Faith and Belief

  1. This is a story from Heart 2 Heart. It is so scintillating, captivating, just like this Divine Hug. Very difficult to confine in words, but easy to define in Heart.

    Much Love, worldly Love is perishable, Divine Love is Eternal.

    Live in Sai Love,


      • Dear Dr Sudrania,
        In this picture, there is Lord Krishna and his inseparable friend and devotee Bhakta Sudama. It just dawned upon me to post it with the story..Harry in the story is NOT bhakta sudama..that’s another story, also told by my mom. In my story of Harry and Krishna, you will note that the name ‘Harry’ is not an Indian name..whereas ‘Hari’ is! Yet we know that Indians pronounce Harry as Hari!Ain’t this play of words fantastic..not to mention that the God Hari and Krishna are one and the same god..to cut a long story short..if you beleive you are god, you are…if you beleive that we are all ONE..we are…a very tricky but wonderful state of affairs ,doctor ji!


  2. Yes Anitaji,
    The message is well received, all names and forms are His, at the same time, it goes without saying that we all are same, cast in His Any image only….my bouquet also explains the same feelings as you…
    Om Sai Ram…


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