The Seventh Taste




Joy is in the air

Ugadi is here

Far away

On a multi-colorful land

At the crack of dawn

‘Aum’ echoes in the sky

Brothers and sisters cheer

The Brotherhood of Man

Brothers and sisters rejoice

The Fatherhood of God…

God is Govinda!

GOD is Rama!

God is Rudra!

God is Muruga!

God is Krishna!


Brothers and sisters share merrily

Pacchadi of the six tastes of life

Offering of Venkatesha verily

Meant to spice Man’s life

Slices of mangoes sweet and juicy

Tamarind pulp, sour and tangy

Virgin sugar canes jaggery

Deep sea water salt

Flowers, nay, leaves of the Neem

Crushed on the grinding stone

Yummy, yummy is the Ugadi chutney!

Brothers and sisters accept happily

Happiness and sorrow equally

Joy and grief equally

Gain and loss equally

Victory and defeat equally

Smiles and tears with equanimity.

Brothers and sisters pray

On this New Year’s Day-

O! Lord Sai please grant me a favor!

Bequeath a pinch of Your Love

As one more gift from above

Enhancing the chutney of my life with flavor


Making my life complete

Without YOUR LOVE, my life has no taste…

– Anita Bacha –

(Source- ‘My Journey with God’-2008, by author)



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