Through your eyes of sweet folly,

I found, on a summer holiday,

A wonderland!

A whirlpool of magical delights!

In the woods, birds ‘nests full with mint candies,

French nougat and jelly babies;

Hanging from the branches of the banyan tree,

Strands of spaghetti;

In the singing brook, enticing chocolate wafers!

When, at the seaside, you laughed heartily

Amused that the sand tickled your toes,

Wildly happy that the waves licked your bare skin

And, with bursting joy you yelled,

I discovered a man-child,

Yielding, warm, whimsical,

Aspiring to impossible dreams!

 You built castles on the wet sand

Sketched with seawater our portrait

 Ordering the sun not to set

Time to suspend its flight!

You weaved seaweeds in my hair

Bedecking seashells in the gray strands

Claiming that they were golden threads

That I was your queen,

The Queen of Arabian Nights!

At dusk, in the howling sea of Pereybere,

Your body drifting close to mine listlessly,

Clasping my hand tightly,

Richard Parker you made a sacred vow,

“The falling star in the sky, see?

I will catch it and put it in the hand of my Ani!”

Then why did you leave so unceremoniously?

Anita Bacha

Illustration/Photography/Anita Bacha






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