Thought for the Day

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These days there is a soaring controversy about the appearance of Sathya Sai Baba in the Light Form in different parts of South India. Let it be! We are aware that He lives in our heart and He is always present within.

The marigold in the attached picture is a first bloom .This flower, commonly called ‘Pooja ke Phool’ in Hindi that is the altar flower, opened its petals in a flower-pot on my balcony earlier this week. Strikingly beautiful, fragrant and radiant, it faces and offers its splendor to the open sky like we offer our heart to SAI.

Last year, in the same flower-pot, two baby pigeons were born. A miracle of God! They were exposed to the elements but they survived.

When I witness these small happenings I firmly believe that Baba is present in my life, nay, in the lives of all His devotees in all forms, wherever we are in the world  as much as when He was here with us in the Physical Form.

Loving Sairam!



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