Requiem for My Beloved

For days and nights I somber in desolation

Praying for salvation;

In answer to my prayers,

 Miraculously the sky broke open

Like the magnificent beaming sun;

You appeared showering blissful grace

 In my forlorn breathing space

 Your gentle warmth kissed my skin

Basked my life with overflowing delight

Bringing a smile on my face

Joy and meaning to my lonesome life;

 You fed me when I was hungry for love;

You befriended me when I had no friend;

You blossom my budding voice

When I could not sing;

You carried me in your loving arms

When I stumbled and could not walk;

You gave me a new lease for life

When my soul spread its wings ready to fly;

You taught me to love myself

 But most of all to love others;

You taught me to realize my inner divinity

 And, to see God in all beings;

You taught me to live without you,

To be detached in life and in love,

To let go and not to hold on to,

Even you, My Beloved

Because you knew you had to go;

Time marches on and waits for none;

Silently behind the clouds you disappeared

As astoundingly as you had emerged

Without a sign, without a sound;

Between two sorrows happiness is an interval;

Nothing is permanent, you said, except love;

Love is eternal;

Live in love, die in love;

 As the river rushes to merge in the ocean

I cannot wait to merge with you, My Beloved!

(Excerpt from my book SAI BABA THE MAKER OF MIRACLES 2015)

 Anita Bacha



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