He was remarkably handsome and tall
With a physique to make every woman fall
To her skilled eye, he was also coquettish
Fluttering eyelashes, mouth puckish
He had known many women and men
She sighed, but she was madly smitten
Botox had done the trick, she had lost years
Set to please and conquer her fears
She came to him with great expectation
He came to her utterly forsaken
In the backstreets of a gruesome city
A hotel room lit with a candle dimly
The wall clock stopped abruptly
Every moment was hot and sticky
The longing was the center of their world
Time stand still, no going back or forward
In the morning she left as secretly as she came
A bank note under the old ashtray bore her name
Anita Bacha©


4 thoughts on “NIGHT OF LONGING 

    • A girl? Though every reader should feel free to interpret as he sees and understands… I have written about infatuation ( impossible love) between a young man and an older woman…it’s about the pain and suffering of getting old and not being able to accept…Pleasure is an interval between two pains…Glad you like this poem…thanks for your interest

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