When people talk about ‘walls’, I immediately think about the Great Wall of China.

Originally constructed to ward off enemies, now a tourist attraction which brings thousands of people from all over the world together every year.

Reading,writing and books brought me to China in August last. I, the irresistible book worm,was at the Beijing International Book Fair.There is a saying here in China ‘you have not visited China,if you have not climbed the Great Wall. I did and believe me, at my age, it was more pain than pleasure.But I realized one thing of upmost importance -The World is Wonderful ..we must take time to live,not to make a living 



11 thoughts on “THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA 

  1. this picture is beautiful,I would one day want to climb the great wall,i love climbing stairs 🙂 always do when we visit forts in India 🙂 all the best to you Anita,i hope you keep touring and keep posting beautiful pictures,have fun 🙂 ❤

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