Anita Bacha

India my land of predilection

You enthrall my soul

A miracle, a benediction

Secret love lived and untold

Memories garnish my aging heart

As I stand on death’s threshold

A spiritual guru who guided my script art

A man who inspired the pen I hold

Land of saints, gods and statues

Disparity, fun, marvel and the unexplained

I carved an image of human values

On the whore, the poor and the betrayed

In my exquisite five stars’ hotel room

I lit an incense stick and I meditate

My life has been an exploration of the gloom

That shrouds the ignorant and the illiterate

My experience of books

Of novels and poems celebrating love

Leaves me insatiate and bleaks my looks

In pages only I find the meaning of ‘love’

Anita Bacha©


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    • Thank you. Photo taken from my room in Oberoi Mumbai. I was waiting to catch the flight to Mauritius after spending one week in Puttaparti, Bangalore. I am awe struck by the economic situation that prevails in India 🇮🇳 in general, the immense gap between the rich and the poor, the literate and the illiterate… also about rampant corruption and promiscuity. Glad you like it.

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      • I have heard that mentioned too. I see the photos of the nice places, the places where the tourists and rich go, but seldom a mention of the poor, and the areas that are so inhumanely unfit for human beings to call home.
        Your country is doing well in many respects with the technology and hopefully that will help, but there are so many people vying for their peace of the dream.
        The situation here is not so good either. I am afraid we will slide down into a bad place, and we in the west are spoiled and not used to the extreme poverty of other countries, although there are many, many people here that are in poverty as well.
        For such a country that is supposed to represent freedom and prosperity, I am afraid we are losing much of that that.
        I feel people form other countries , with different backgrounds, would do so much better here, than the actual citizens. With the wave of anti immigration now, I can’t see it happening so easily, and that is sad.
        Diversity is a good thing.


      • Thank you so much for your comment. Matter of fact, I am not Indian and I don’t live in India either. I started to travel to India, rather I first traveled to India in 1982. My husband, an auditor and accountant, was invited by the directors of an Indian company based in Mauritius to visit Delhi.I accompanied my husband with the sole purpose of consulting a healer cum miracle man for health problems.I became simultaneously the follower of a Spiritual Guru.From then onward, I traveled to India once or twice a year,staying in turn in an ashram and in five stars hotels. Without reading from books, I gathered tremendous knowledge about India.

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  1. I did not know that your were not Indian. I was assuming, sorry about that. I know many have been making pilgrimages there seeking enlightenment or spirituality. I would do so myself, but I am not able to financially do that.
    My only recourse is to read about it, or watch videos. This blog has put me in touch with many others that are seeking.

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