Mon bien-aimé

Mon bien-aimé en orange vif,Moi, l’épouse vêtue d’un feuillage vert,

Chantant et dansant gaiement,

Dans le vent doux tourbillonnant.
Lorsque nos yeux se rencontrèrent tendrement,

Je frémis d’extase,

 Mes paupières tombèrent doucement

Et le divin trésor, je gardai tendrement.
Il purifia mon âme tremblante,

Sous une pluie de larmes diluvienne,

Il couvrit mon corps nu, d’une avalanche de fleurs délicates;
Révélée à ma propre réalité,

Nous étions un, connectés, pour l’éternité.

– Anita Bacha-
Above is the French version of my English poem ‘Lord of Brindavan’
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Illustration/Photography /Anita Bacha


4 thoughts on “Mon bien-aimé

    • Yes, I am.. I learned both English and French at school in Mauritius … A little Hindi as well. But all Mauritians speak a local dialect, Creole. Mauritius is a multi cultural and multi communal country. So we are at ease with different languages and dialects.
      I went to university in England, called to the Bar in London but returned to practice here …the applicable law in Mauritius was French Code Civil etc and witnesses deponed in Creole or other dialect …Chinese, Hindi, Tamil,Telegu et al!
      Managed to keep my sanity 😀

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  1. love the picture and envy that you are fluent in French,it’s on my to-do-list 🙂 May I gloat a little since you seem to love languages…I can speak English,Hindi.Urdu,Telugu and Japanese very well…would love to learn Persian(Farsi) French,Spanish and Arabic…sigh…I don’t know when though,so something in common? 🙂

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