Anita Bacha

Drizzling Rain Drizzling Rain Picture/Source/Internet


The fading colours of the rainbow

The autumn flowers in the meadow

An unfinished canvas

Remind me of an unsung melody

Of an impossible love story

A painful reminiscence of you

Your smile has this magic hue

Priding the colours of your youth

The beauty of colours so smooth

I learn to love the colour red

Red as the lining of the setting sun

Red as the petal of the first rose in spring

Red as the colour of your mouth chewing betel nut

I learn to love the colour brown

Brown as the soft mud in the wet alley of Mathura

Brown as the bark of the sandalwood tree

Brown as the colour of your skin under the monsoon rain

I learn to love the colour dark

Dark as the depth of the burning night

Dark as the shadow of the moon

Dark as the mystery…

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    • Thank you Cattie for your visit and appreciation of my poem. I wrote it for the charming people of Rajasthan when I visited the Pink City in November 2013. They are very close to my heart.
      These verses are short of expressing my emotions , hence I have attached a video – Karunesh Monsoon Dance.. If you get free yourself , learn more about this poem by viewing the video .. Thank you again 🌹


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