Anita Bacha

Your name, I wrote in the sand,
The sand washed away;
Your name, I have forgotten;
Your smile haunts me still;
Your mouth too,
Small and pouting,
Sweet and sour, as a ripe Chinese shrub guava,
Red in craving;
Your eyes,
Yeah, your eyes!
Secretive, mysterious, impossible to unveil,
Bury the covert affairs that you relished,
Enclosing forever your secret!
Love of one night!
Love of a summer holiday!
As the sand slides between my fingers,
Your silhouette slips away from me,
Disappears in the skyline,
Swept away by the waves,
Leaving behind,
The silence,
which is killing me.

Anita Bacha
Illustration/Photography/Anita Bacha

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4 thoughts on “AMOUR 

    • Hi Sunith! Thank you for your visit and for your comment. This is a poem which features in my book’ Soul Poetry’ and the photo which I have posted was taken by me to add a special mystic touch to the poem and the post. First I wrote with a piece of coral’AMOUR’ on the wet sand of the public beach in Pereybere,Mauritius, then I clicked the photo. I am very passionate about photography and I have now started to post photos on Instagram.

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