Cross Over 

I loved you,my beloved,More than my heart could hold,

You promised to love me forever,

To hold my hand,

To walk with me till the end of time,

But your love proved weak,

You left me half-way to paradise.

Anita Bacha


16 thoughts on “Cross Over 

  1. Awwww this is so beautiful and very emotional as well….
    Breaks my heart…..
    Where the hell do you get your inspirations from
    I wished I could write like you as I have so much in my heart to share with the world♥️
    Bless you my loving sis in love💖
    You are full of love🌹

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    • Sweet morning Shashi! Thanks for your visit and appreciation.
      Inspiration comes from within, my sweetness, all the emotions that are steaming inside will burst out soon and you will share your inspiration with the world too.
      Follow me to the London Book Fair 2017 if not physically with your loving and pure heart ❤️
      I need you 💕🌹📚


  2. Just a body is lost,a person remember us because of thoughts,thoughts are eternal..she is living in can you say that she is leaving.May it’s just a phase of life where we have to face it someday.But she won’t dies in your thoughts..say hi to your mom…from me:):)

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  3. Yes, i have made a mistake
    But I still consider you my life
    Give me one last chance
    I still consider you my pride

    Only breaths are left there, when i miss you
    In your memory these breaths left me too

    Everyone makes mistake, i made it too
    Now forgive me, why you have gone so far

    For one mistake why you left me, why you abdicated me
    Why you left a spotless scar on me


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