A first bloom,

A first flower,
In a barren garden,
A God sent boon;
She stoops,
Stretches a shaky hand;
A miracle has fallen,
In a lonely garden;
A fragile blossom,
She clutches to her bosom,
Forgetting the dark memories,
The cold lonely days;
A blossom of sun rays,
At last,
To warm her waning age
Anita Bacha



16 thoughts on “SPRING IN DÜSSELDORF 

  1. And yet age does nothing to the business
    Only the brightness of the sun in the eyes
    resounds, unrestrained, in the sweetness
    at the beauty of a flower with a loving gaze
    In the morning of my days ending,
    Delightfully I caress the garden
    … in my soul lovingly

    Pardon pour mon anglais 🙂
    Bonne soirée à Nous

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    • Thank you so much 😊 my dear friend and poet. I have tears 😭 in my eyes. Your words are so intense 💕 age does something to 🍷 and rum 🍹 I learned recently from wine and rum lovers at Prowine 2017 in Düsseldorf . I wish you were there. France 🇫🇷 had a prominent place and I could not help thinking 💭 of you and of your poetry. ‘ In the morning of my days ending, delightfully I caress the garden… in my soul lovingly ‘ too sweet 😍 and please don’t apologize for your ‘anglais ‘it goes straight to the yearning 💚
      Glad to see you on line
      Very sweet night and delicious 😋 dreams to us 💕

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    • Sweet morning and warm hugs 🤗 from London 🇬🇧 thank you 😊 for your appreciation, value time spent in reading 📖 my posts and for being there, here and everywhere.
      Saturday morning in London means cleaning, scrubbing,washing, shopping 🛒, cooking 🍳 well back to normal 😇

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      • Thank you from the other side of the Atlantic. I enjoy your posts very much. They are inspiring and full of a real and deep passion.
        It is raining here in my little corner of the US. Winter is, I think over. That is good, I can’t wait for the warm days of Spring, and the sun shinning brightly. Nature awakening from her Winter respite. Blossoms and blooms every where, it really is a tie of motivation.
        I hope you have a nice weekend, and thank you for your inspiration.

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      • That is very sweet of you. I am glad that we met, indirectly that is. You’re writing comes from the heart, you have a deep and kind soul, and the wisdom from living a life with an open heart and eyes.


    • Thank you for the follow, for your visit and your appreciation of my poetry. I understand a wee bit of Hindi. I am born, raised and educated in Mauritius. I attended Hindi school before the age of 5; I then joined primary school and learnt English and French. Why? You may wonder. I studied to become a barrister at law in U.K. and returned to Mauritius to practice French legislation, the applicable laws being French, Code Civil etc.

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