Fistful of Sand 

I ran to catch a fistful of sand,
Where unaware,
 Your bare feet had trodden;
A fistful of sand, to treasure;
A dream had broken.
Anita Bacha


22 thoughts on “Fistful of Sand 

  1. The lovely foot marks that you have set in the world of poetry are for us to follow. Let no time or tide wash it away is our prayer to the Lord who delights in our creativity, the creator that he is.


  2. I will rise, my fists full of flower


    my soul full of light.

    Isn’t it the gentlest of things that show the most strength?

    Where the blossoms push through dirt


    the sun illuminates the dark- there,

    you will find me

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    • Thank you so much 😊
      Yes, it’s my hand
      Thought it would be nice to illustrate the verses
      I have known women who love and suffer breakups; but they have unfailing loyalty; in Hinduism, the feet are sacred; Hindus touch the feet of elders as a sign of respect and women touch the feet of the husband as a sign of loyalty ( in the olden times).
      Also married women wear bangles (again in the olden days widows don’t)
      More next time

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      • Thank you for sharing those customs. with me. I did not know those things you told me about. I like to hear about different customs, especially older ones. Hinduism has been practiced for many years, and the traditions compared to other religions, are much more personal and on a deeper level.
        I think the photo of the hand added so much to the message of the verses.

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