Sing a Song 

O! My foolish little bird!
Why are you perched on this desolate twig?
The leaves have yellowed and fallen,
The leaves have drifted away;
Your feathers as soft as pain,
Your silence drowns in rain;
O! My foolish little bird,
What love do you seek?

Anita Bacha


29 thoughts on “Sing a Song 

    • Thank you for your visit and insightful comment.
      Getting lost in thoughts 💭 is probably much better than getting lost in impossible love or infatuation.
      Infatuation is nowadays a common phenomenon ‘or disease ‘of the social media when we encounter young men falling virtually in love with aged women.

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      • I think the men like old fashion ways, aged women tend to provide that stability which they see in their mothers.

        Also what about women falling in love with young boys. Which I am observing. As young as 12 or 14 years old. That’s going out of senses.

        Well I always look forward to your conversation, bring sense to the madness of the world.


      • Thank you so much for the response. Yes and no about young men seeking maternal love in older women. In some cases, I think that in most cases, the sentiment involved is ‘infatuation’ and not ‘love.’ Now that people meet each other on the internet,it is so easy to establish a relationship with someone on the net, to later discover when the person is in front of you physically, that he/she is not the one with whom you are relating everyday on the net.

        Women falling in love with young boys ,yes, I am aware of this phenomenon , just like men fall in love with young women and girls. The first time I came face to face with this reality was when I saw the French movie ‘Mourir D’Aimer’. A college teacher, here played sensationally by Annie Girardot ,falls in love with one of her students, half her age. The ‘love’ is reciprocated. It’s not ‘infatuation’ where one is the parties is seeking an advantage, monetary gain or other. In ‘infatuation’ if the younger man or woman is seeking monetary gain or the older man or woman is seeking sexual gratification, once the partner respond to hi s/her desire or pleasure,he/she turns your back and look for another one, or should we be honest about it ,for another ‘prey’. Many menopausal women are victims of unfortunate incidents on the net when they are lonely and depressed and they come across a sympathetic young man on the social media.

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      • I seriously don’t know what to say about it. But we are getting each day into complexities that was not before.

        The simplicity of life is now a luxury I would say.

        I was telling to someone at my end, that I don’t have TV at my end, it’s just a decoration thing. And whoever comes to know about it, gets a surprise shock. Similarly if I say, Internet is the mother of evil for the younger generation, I get hammered.

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      • You are right about the negative effects of internet on the younger generation but both young and older generations are addicted to the net.
        Unfortunately some young women and men are vulnerable; they get trapped by sex abusers and other unscrupulous adults.
        How far can we protect our youth?
        Some are crazy about sex adventures. They are of another world….another generation..
        Have a wonderful start of the week
        Anita 😊

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      • It just the sweetness of the talk that doze them off. I rescued 2 girls like this, long time back.

        Someone was blackmailing them. So they become my sisters, saw the issues firsthand at my end. I would say the evil is more than the good.

        I really have no clue how to safe, except prayers.


    • Charming comment !
      I thank you from the core bottom of my heart ❤️
      Your interpretation of my poem is the closest one can get to the real meaning of pure unconditional love ❤️
      The love of Radha Krishna in Indian mythology heralds the virtue of divine love when two lovers are not physically together but the name Radha Krishna is inseparable and referred to as One 💞🌹
      Thank you once more 😊

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    • The same thing can produce both happiness and unhappiness.We can make ourselves so uncontrolled,and unworthy of the blessings that surround us that we are not able to take good opportunities when they come. It is useless to regret and to beg for forgiveness when the opportunities are gone.
      it is human to love
      it is divine to let go


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