The Pilgrim.

Shockingly passionate and heart breaking . I love ❤️ and I reblog.

Ricardo Sexton

The evening’s gone and with it a day
A empty home, ‘only shadows to say’
Given by sips, taken by a sought sum
‘Drop & drips’ the dawn’s not my own

I lay unsettled & behind lays my rest
Uncertain trying to peep what’s next
But the past is so recent to this night
And I’m a solo task assigned to write

Of the felt, taught, the held and told
Of thoughts or not, of reaps & sowed
Spelling: ‘the sores invaded by yours’
Yelling: ‘promise made is an oath paid’

The road & journey are worth the own
Even if the stop point is yet unknown
No matter! – to your way I’m innocent
And by being the same “I stay absent”

© Ricardo Sexton

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