NEHA JINDAL – PHASES OF MOON A POETIC JOURNEY OF A GIRL PHASES OF MOON is Neha Jindal’s debut collection of poems. A treat for lovers of poetry, it traces the phases in the life of a woman from teenage days to motherhood with glimpses of infatuation, love, marriage, in laws and children. Its title is perfect. In the Western culture, the four principal phases of the Moon are new moon, first quarter, full moon and third quarter, also known as last quarter. In life, phases normally begin with a daydream .Here the phases start with the daydream of a teenager and move on poetically as life unfolds in an awesome poem of wisdom. ‘Phases of Moon’ is a book devoted entirely to what poetry can give us as pleasure for the senses. It’s a little book of twenty poems that I carried in my purse for weeks, reading and savoring each and every poem before I sat down today to write this review. Each poem of Neha Jindal’s has its weight of gold. Like every poet, every poem is unique; every poem is a precious gem. I trust that this book will find its place in the hearts of all poetry lovers as much as it has found a special place in my heart. Anita Bacha Writer


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