Happy Independence Day to Mauritius 🇲🇺

Anita Bacha

A poem inspired by the Sega dancers of Mauritius. Originally the Sega dance was performed by enslaves around a bonfire to spend their lonely nights and to protest against injustices. The Sega is sung in the local dialect, Creole, and the musical instruments, the most popular being the ‘ravanne’ and the ‘triangle’ are made locally. In our time, a tourist entertainment, the Sega is danced by all.


Intoxicated with the elixir of love,

My head spins with the fiery beats of the tropical drums,

As my body swirls and whirls with the rhythmic vibes

The burning sand scorching the sole of my feet,

I dance and I dance in ecstasy!

Imbued with passion, my heart soars high above,

Like a shooting star in broad day light

Falls back in the blue lagoon with candid delight

I dance and I dance in ecstasy!

Shrouded in a mist…

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