Anita Bacha

A first bloom,

A first flower,
In a barren garden,
A God sent boon;
She stoops,
Stretches a shaky hand;
A miracle has fallen,
In a lonely garden;
A fragile blossom,
She clutches to her bosom,
Forgetting the dark memories,
The cold lonely days;
A blossom of sun rays,
At last,
To warm her waning age
Anita Bacha


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7 thoughts on “SPRING IN DÜSSELDORF 

    • Thank you ☺️
      Yes indeed Düsseldorf is a very beautiful place to visit and to live.
      I first visited this amazing place in 2008 and put in with my son. He was occupying a superb apartment put at his disposal by Mittal Steel of Germany. He was one of the foreign auditors.
      I visited Düsseldorf again last year in Spring as a guest of Prowein 2017.
      Welcoming business city, adorable people, superb food and drinks.

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