The Book

SOUL POETRY, PUBLISHED BY PARTRIDGE INDIA IN 2015, is a collection of the most fantastic and mind blowing poems, verses and quotes that I penned down when inspiration nudged her and words started to flow from my fountain pen like drops of ambrosia on a starving script.

Laced with a tinge of humour, SOUL POETRY is a gold mine not only for the seeker of spiritual love, magic, solace and enlightenment but also for the general reader in search of beauty, fantasy, entertainment, reflexion and relaxation.

This book is an exploration and a discovery of the Self. The spiritual approach to nature, life, love, happiness, joy, adoption, relationships, suffering, adultery, break-ups and death gives a special mythical cachet to the distinctive poems, verses and quotes.

Written for the passionate reader of poetry in mind, I travel with him along a journey of enchanting dreams, beauty and wonder, bringing at times tears to his eyes and at others a smile on his face.

SOUL POETRY brings the writer and the reader together as One Soul in an élan of luscious sharing.




                                                           THE MAKER OF MIRACLES

 Editorial Reviews by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. Pittsburg, PA 15222.

Book Description

Publication Date: May 22 2006

The Lord has a hand in our daily experiences, our life’s paths, and our every encounter whether we are aware of it or not. Anita Bacha came to realize this truth as she began to follow The Spiritual Guru and Holy Man, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The Maker of Miracles chronicles the amazing journey Anita made both spiritually and in her personal and professional life as a follower of Sai Baba.

Classified as a “double biography” by the author, it reveals her own life in a middle-class Hindu family and the story of the wise spiritual Indian figure, Sai Baba and His miracles, compassion and goodness. The two lives ultimately converge as she seeks solace from the disappointment in her life at His Feet. Despite her initial skepticism, Anita soon comes to see time and again that coincidence and good fortune are spawned by the Hand of Baba without her realizing it: career advancement and job placement, travel to foreign lands, and her evangelism. Ultimately, her story shows the path one woman has taken to find peace within herself and to learn how to forgive.

About the Author

Anita Bacha is a Barrister at Law. She was called at Lincoln’s Inn in England. She practiced as a lawyer, then as a Prosecuting Counsel in Mauritius. Later a Senior District Magistrate, she resigned from the Bench and joined the Executive as the Chairman of the National Adoption Council. She is now a Legal Secretary in England and remains a member of Sri Sathya Sai Baba Association of Curepipe, Mauritius. She is a mother of four who enjoys reading, cooking, dancing, and outdoor sports.

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A review of ” The Maker Of Miracles” by Sri Jatindar Shad, editor and publisher of MIRACLES ARE MY VISITING CARDS by Erlundar Haraldsson

10 September 2006
Sai Ram
At the foremost I am grateful to Anita for sending me the Book – as a gift and to Swami for giving me a break at PN, for 7 days – in which i covered this book form cover to cover ~ like a suspense thriller during the last week of August this year.
With Baba’s Grace I have read many books, even published one – Miracles are My Visiting Cards by Erlandur Haraldsson – but, never had any inclination to talk about the book, leave aside writing a review. However, this book authored by Anita Bacha is different – very different indeed.
The greatest difference that dawns is that the author has not been exposed to any direct interviews with Swami. 99% of all Swami books are by devotees who have had repeated ‘interviews’ with Baba. Anita has had no direct interview with Baba – but her other direct and indirect experiences are somethings which we all experience, which Anita has portrayed so lovingly. For those devotees who have not had an interview – yet they had many experiences – through dreams, visions and auto suggestion from the mind – they will find a bond with Anita on reading this book – as it is what we all experience as His Devotees.
This is the story of a lady who has been exposed to the trauma of life – as a female – too bluntly. She found in Swami a ray of hope and Swami conveyed the path for her to follow – in His Omnipresent style.This book is a great sample of living by the Divine Omnipresence, living far in a distant country away from the physical presence of our beloved Baba, but, yet close to His Omnipresent self.
The author has experienced His Presence many times – when she is tidying up the GUDDI or Seat Cushion of Swami to find mundane paranormal happening like moving of flowers to a new place from where they were originally set. Prasad (food offering) at the lotus feet of Baba remained fragrant and fresh even after many days.
To me this book may turn out to be a trend setter – as it is Swami has reduced the interviews and has been emphasising and coaxing us all to drop Dehabharanti (Body Consciousness) and adopt DAIVABHIMANA (Atmic consciousness).
There are no miracles narrated in this book, but, then is not life a miracle – the way things happen – when you make Him your Sole Resort. Is it not a miracle the way the impossible happens in our lives. You read one Baba book and you have read all of them. The language of devotees who have been in the close proximity of Baba is very much the same. Anita was a FAR – NEAR devotee – her language and narration depend on Baba and His omnipresence more than on His physical presence.
Dreams are also an important medium for any Sai Devotee and Anita has had her share of dream directions and messages. In fact this book – Maker of Miracles – was script approved and directed for publishing to Anita by Baba in a dream direction.
Without sacrifice one cannot achieve anything on this earth – and Anita has come out as an apostle of sacrifice. She gave whatever she had for a worthy cause to make a SAI CENTRE in her country Mauritius. The secret of happiness is that one hand gives the other hand should not know – yes while Anita was generous in her helping for a cause, but she never let this get into her head. On the other hand – she may empty her purse helping a needy, but help given – job done – she opens her purse to find more money than before – the Lord Serves those who Serve His Pupils.
What makes this book a must read for young devotees – is their misinterpretation of the word LOVE. The present day LOVE is more often associated with a degree of lust and passion. Anita was no different – to her love was a big hug or a kiss and the whole 9 yards after that. While she wanted to blow to Swami a ‘flying kiss’ in her love for the lord – the omnipresent and omnipotent Lord instantaneously corrected the author, not only at the physical level but, also at the spiritual level. How did Swami do it – Read it in the Book.
The level of devotion that the Author achieved is simply portrayed in the episode on what was being done. While Anita would lovingly cut the vegetables clean (removing all rotten portion) in the western kitchen – some co-‘seva’-doers would not bother about quality and would cut the vegs including the rotten portions together. When Anita pointed it out to those around and asked then to remove the rotten portions also – the reply was that “We don’t want Swami to get bankrupt.” This proves that many people offer Seva – but, they have yet to do a lot of work to bring that quality in their Seva, that when they cut vegetables  – every piece is for the Lord Himself.
Whether Anita faced a traumatic matrimony or hostile witnesses (She is a Barrister at Law), she brought the spirit of  ‘seva’ in every work and that won her many laurels.
At heart the author was a child – when in a christmas get together at Parthi when receiving a balcony darshan from Baba – she held the candle close to her face – so that Swami could see how well she had made a beautiful face ~ more beautiful.
The only draw back that I saw in this book was the confusion that is there the beginning of some chapters – the author tries to start every chapter picking a link from the past – which can be confusing, considering the huge number of happening that she has undergone. I am sure such confusions are bound to be there in every ones life if we were to write them down.
If you are a devotee of Baba and in love with HIm and want to improve in your devotion get a copy and read it cover to cover – who says spiritual life is boring – it can be more thrilling than those seedy 2 penny novels –
Sai Ram ~ Be Happy
                                                              MY JOURNEY WITH GOD

Editorial Reviews

 Book Description

Publication Date: December 22 2008

My Journey with God is an astounding true story about the power of faith and prayer, the miracle of love and the realization of one’s inner divinity. The Hindu, the Muslim, the Christian, the Buddhist all invariably have a chosen God. All invariably follow a chosen religion. The author, Anita Bacha found her chosen God in Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, an Indian spiritual guru when she embarked on her spiritual odyssey.

About the Author

Anita Bacha is a Barrister at Law and an expert in Intercountry Adoption. A former Senior Magistrate, she now chairs the National Adoption Council at the Prime Minister’s Office in Mauritius. She is actively engaged in the spiritual and philanthropic world.

In March 2008, she was elevated to the rank of Commander of the Order of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (CSK) on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the National Day Celebrations of the Republic of Mauritius and in recognition of her invaluable community work.

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                                          SAI BABA THE MAKER OF MIRACLES (2015)


                                                 SAI BABA THE MAKER OF MIRACLES   (2015)



In 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in London. I decided to follow treatment with the NSH and to save my money to publish my first book. I wrote a book about my experiences with my spiritual guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. I recalled that Sri Sai often asked prospective authors to publish in a country other than India because the typesetting and the quality of the paper were better.

Anyways in 2004 the Sai Organization was dreadfully shaken and devastated by a program, The Secret Swami, telecasted by BBC 2 and broadcasted worldwide. Probably the time was not ripe to publish a book about my experiences with Sri Sai. But my intuition, my Sai within said

‘Proceed! Why fear when I am here?!’

I contacted several publishing companies in India and abroad who refused to publish the book because of the controversy surrounding Sri Sai Baba at that time and fearing that the book won’t sell. Resolute, I continued to chase publishers.

Finally, on the internet, I came across the Dorrance Publishing Company in Pennsylvania, USA. They accepted to proof read, edit, print, publish and market the book. But I was amicably advised not to put the picture of the Sai Baba in the front or back cover. Consequently, I designed the front cover picture myself and instead of Sai Baba I put an AUM on a Lotus flower. AUM means the Absolute, the Supreme Spirit, in other words, God.

My sole purpose in publishing the book was not to make money but to show to the world that Sri Sathya Sai Baba did not only materialized amulets and sacred ash. He was a reputable spiritual teacher, a healer and above all a great humanitarian.

The publication cost me a fortune. Moreover, when the book was published, I found out that the company had by mistake published the original manuscript and not the proof read and edited version.

In 2006, I sent by courier, the first copy of my book ‘THE MAKER OF MIRACLES’ to Sri Sai Baba.  Soon after, in Brindavan, Sri Sai Baba blessed the book.

SAI BABA THE MAKER OF MIRACLES (2015) is a revised and corrected version of THE MAKER OF MIRACLES which I have self –published.

Available in e. book and Kindle on request

Please send an email

Anita Bacha


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  1. God gave to your hand a divine power that way u have write the word of god….. I wish god gave u more and more bliss to write more for hungry devotees


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