Requiem for My Beloved

For days and nights I somber in desolation

Praying for salvation;

In answer to my prayers,

 Miraculously the sky broke open

Like the magnificent beaming sun;

You appeared showering blissful grace

 In my forlorn breathing space

 Your gentle warmth kissed my skin

Basked my life with overflowing delight

Bringing a smile on my face

Joy and meaning to my lonesome life;

 You fed me when I was hungry for love;

You befriended me when I had no friend;

You blossom my budding voice

When I could not sing;

You carried me in your loving arms

When I stumbled and could not walk;

You gave me a new lease for life

When my soul spread its wings ready to fly;

You taught me to love myself

 But most of all to love others;

You taught me to realize my inner divinity

 And, to see God in all beings;

You taught me to live without you,

To be detached in life and in love,

To let go and not to hold on to,

Even you, My Beloved

Because you knew you had to go;

Time marches on and waits for none;

Silently behind the clouds you disappeared

As astoundingly as you had emerged

Without a sign, without a sound;

Between two sorrows happiness is an interval;

Nothing is permanent, you said, except love;

Love is eternal;

Live in love, die in love;

 As the river rushes to merge in the ocean

I cannot wait to merge with you, My Beloved!

(Excerpt from my book SAI BABA THE MAKER OF MIRACLES 2015)

 Anita Bacha





I touch your cheek,

I look into your eyes,

I see the pain,

I see the suffering.

You touch my cheek,

You look into my eyes,

You see the pain,

You see the suffering.

I am not your wife,

You are not my husband,

I am not your mother,

You are not my son.

Who am I?

Who are you?

I am the God within,

You are the God within,

You and I are ONE,

We are GOD!

Anita Bacha

(Excerpt from MY JOURNEY WITH GOD- 2008- BY Author)

My Journey with God


I have revised and corrected my first book The Maker of Miracles (2006) and self- published a new edition SAI BABA THE MAKER OF MIRACLES (2015). It is available in epub and emobi versions.

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Event_ Happy Holidays

Christmas is the time to remember those who are Special to us,

And, as you are Special to us,

Our fondest Seasons’ greetings are sent to you!

May the sweet magic of Christmas

Not only fills in your heart and soul

But also spreads to your dear and loved Ones!

Wishing you a Christmas full of fun & joy


A Happy New Year 2015!

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Dharmakshetra – The Abode of Sri Sathya Sai Baba



In my search for God I visited India for the first time in 1982. I was accompanying my husband Anil on a business trip to Delhi. Deep inside I was cherishing the dream of meeting  Sri Sathya Sai Baba! But  Baba lived in the South of India, I was bluntly told. My dream was shattered. I was distraught and inconsolable. Our hosts then suggested that we visit the shrine and temple of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, situate on the outskirts of Poona! –

‘The journey to Shirdi was infinitely long, tedious and lamentable, but my spirit changed completely when we reached our destination; we devoutly prayed to  Shirdi Sai Baba. Satisfied and pleased, we took the coach to return to Bombay. Soon after, overcome by the heat and by exhaustion and lulled by the roaring sound of the coach engine, I started to doze off. When lo! Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba appeared before me in a vision. His face only was visible; he was smiling. The image persisted under my closed eyelids. I opened my eyes and shook my head to brush aside the apparition, but I could see him everywhere. I thought I was going bonkers!’ – quote at p15, chapter two ‘A Holy Vision’ from the book ‘The Maker of Miracles’ 2006 by the author Anita Bacha.

‘Twenty –four hours later we were flying Indian Airlines to Bangalore, a travel agent having told us that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba lived in Bangalore, in the south of India.’ Quote at p16 of the same tome.

On the 05 December 1982, I had my first and most touching ‘darshan’ of Our Beautiful Lord and He graced me with the much coveted ‘eye contact’.

To cut a long story short, last year, for no apparent reason, I planned to visit the Shirdi Baba Temple again. After a resourceful spiritual journey to Vrindavan, I returned to Mumbai to catch the International Flight to Mauritius. I was accompanied by a few friends and family members including Ankit Sharma, who had been enthusiastically ‘adopted’ by us.

 However, for an unforeseen and weird reason, I could not go to Shirdi. I went to bed with a heavy heart. In the night, I dreamt of Sri Baba in His Mumbai Ashram, the Dharmakshetra. The next day, more exactly, on the 05 December 2013, I precipitated to the Dharmakshetra, eager to unfold the mystery of the dream. Ankit Sharma alone was willing to follow me; the others were too weary to do so! We learnt that, as it was Thursday, there was a ‘bhajan satsang’ at 16.30 hours. There, in the bhajan hall of unparalleled beauty, expressive vibrations and magic spells, I learnt the profound concept of ‘dharma’ as expounded by Lord SRI KRISHNA, in the Bhagavath Gita, as from the darkness of ignorance I was led by a magnetic force to the realm of understanding!

 Extraordinarily enough, the Dharmakshetra symbolizes the core message of Bhagawan Baba to mankind to embark upon the path of Righteous Conduct, ‘Dharma’. It is the spiritual lighthouse of architectural breathtaking beauty established by Sri Sathya Sai Baba in May 1968, on the eve of the First World Conference of the Sri Sathya Sai Organization. Magnificently built on a hillock in exactly 108 days, it stands as a miracle of Baba’s Divine Sankalpa.