Soul Poetry

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Ode to the Holy One

Ode to the Holy One

You are born again and again

Like a flame in my heart, O Holy One!

My eyes marvel and rejoice at your sight,

In the darkness you are my light!

In the void your voice is rapturous music,

When you are with me nothing is amiss;

Every droplet of rain is a cup of bliss;

Every thorn is a budding lotus flower;

Every woe is over and done forever!

Anita Bacha

(Excerpt from SOUL POETRY, 04 2015)

Krishna He who resides in your heart

Thought for the Day ( DIVALI 2012 -The Festival of Lights)


O Lord! Lead me from darkness to Light

Lead me from ignorance to Knowledge

From illusion to Reality

From death to Immortality

Anita Bacha



God’s Grace, like rain water, falls on all recipients equally

The flower-pot, the empty tin, the reservoir, the gutter

Do not blame God if our pot is upside down

When Grace is pouring

Anita Bacha



Soul mates we are

On the journey

From birth to birth

We are old friends

Out of the blue

We meet and we laugh

We are old friends

In joyous reunion

We sing and we dance

We are old friends

Time passes by

We part and we cry

We are old friends

We will meet again

Some day somewhere

In another life

We are old friends

Anita Bacha