Inspiring Quotes of Anita Bacha


Inspiring Quotes

*It is only by giving up the ego, developing a broad outlook of the true meaning of Love and cultivating the company of the good that we can realize our inner divinity.


 *We  can serve those who are hungry for food but we can only dedicate ourselves to those who are hungry for love.


*Service is different from dedication. In service, there is an element of ego. I serve him so I am the master; he requires my service but in dedication, there is no element of self; there is no desire  for the fruit of the action.


 *Some say that material wealth is important,

Others say spiritual wealth is important;

By God’s Grace, I accumulate both in my life;

Both I find are equally significant,

But most significant of all is to let-go of material

And, to add-on of spiritual wealth.



 *What we see in others is the reflection of our own inner being. When we feel love deep within, we see love in others. When we are beautiful inside, we perceive the beauty of others. Good and bad do not exist outside, but within. Be good. Do not judge others. See the good  in others always and in all ways.




*Words when spoken are ephemeral

 Words when written are eternal                                                                           


*Friendship is God’s sacred  love

It is a fabulous gift

That I share with you

Frise F Bleue 30

*In friendndship there is always food for two .  


*What is this world if full of care ,We have no time with friends to share.

* Happiness is now

Not at the end of the road.

*Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

*Mistakes are part of growing up

They are invaluable lessons

They teach us to be cautious in life.

Processed with Moldiv

 *Forgive the one who won’t forgive you

Because he is the one who needs your forgiveness.


*Life is a precious friend

You won’t know how precious it is

Until it let go of your hand.


 *Leave the world alone!

Once, a woman was sitting near a puddle of muddy water. With both hands, she splattered the water to clear it of the mud. But she did not succeed and the water became muddier. She went away and later, came back. The water had cleared by itself; the mud had settled at the bottom.

Likewise, we cannot change the world; we can make it worst with arguments, assertions, petitions and even wars.

The world will change at its own pace. Leave it alone!

*Power of discernment

When we peel a banana to eat or to use in cooking, we disregard the skin. We throw it away because it is not digestible. Though the skin protects the banana, it is bad for our health.

Similarly if somebody does something bad to us, we can remain good and disregard the bad. If we are angry and we retaliate, we become bad as well.

*Women are like sweet-scented flowers,

They do not wither with age,

But grow more beautiful with time.


double petals dahliah


*The beauty of a woman does not lie in her dress yet smart;

Nor in the way she walks, talks or writes,

The beauty of a woman lies in her eyes,

The eyes are the mirror of her devoted heart.



Inspiring Quotes

Beauty of a Woman

*The most fragrant and the most splendid rose

Takes its roots in the most stinking and the most repulsive muck.    




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