“The poet is able to discover more than the mere thinker. He recognizes and knows the next step and the next..In fact, he is aware of the goal. The Kavi or Poet is divine in the estimation of India. So he has tremendous responsibility. He should not trail behind the whims of the mob in search of cheap fame or counterfeit prosperity. He must fertilize and canalized the divine urge in man.’ Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Sathyam Shivam Sundaram. P176. Discourse on Poets’ day at Prasanthi Vidwanmahasabha-1965).

Frise Bas Perle                                                                WORDS


Precious psychic words!

Fly me to my love!



Powerful, mighty eagles!

Fly me to my love!

Up and above

Valleys and mountain tops,

Oceans and lands,

Fly me to my love!

Touch him,

Kiss him,

 Fondle him,

Squeeze him!



Divine words!

Fly me to my love!

Pierce his heart,

Conquer his soul,

Possess him,

Enchant him,

Make him my own!



Invisible atoms of my soul,

Fly me to my love!




Ejaculating in joyous delight,

Fly me to my love!

Frise Bas Perle

In the silent, starry night

I gaze into the lake of my soul

Your sweet, mythical face I behold

 In ripples of golden locks floating lovingly

 Bewitched by the exotic sight

 Engrossed I am

 In the sleepy water of my soul

 Suddenly, I plunge in frenzy

 To kiss you

 To drown myself in my soul

 Caught in the alluring net of your hair

 Closely you clasp me

 You kiss me

 Uplift me to the celestial height of your soul



 Intoxicated with the elixir of love,

My head spins with the fiery beats of the tropical drums,

As my body swirls and whirls with the rhythmic vibes

The burning sand scorching the sole of my feet,

And I dance and I dance in ecstasy!

 Imbued with passion, my heart flies high above,

Like a shooting star in broad day light

Falls back in the blue lagoon with candid delight

And I dance and I dance in ecstasy!

Shrouded in a mist of mirage,

In the horizon I see your image.

In frantic folly I run to tenderly hold you…

The mystic drums stop me,

The enchanting melody beckons me,

Lifts me up and invigorates me,

Fills my soul with bursting fantasy

And I dance and I dance in ecstasy!

Frise Bas Perle

                                            I lay my love at thy blue Lotus Feet

Accept my devotional prose and verse

A garland of words thread meticulously

Coined with immaculate adoration for thee

 My soul recalling lovingly

Thou art the writer, I am the pen

Beautiful Lord !

Unique lover of thy devotee

Giver of boons and miracle maker

Bestower of Grace and Realization

Remover of darkness

Thou art the Light of the Universe

Compassionate Lord !

Savior of the destitute, the orphan, the forlorn and the homeless

Omniscient Lord !

Keeper of thy devotee’s chastity

Protector of morality

Shower thy blessings on all who read these lines!




O Lord! Guide my pen and guide my heart!

Let me write the lyrics!

Let your Glory be sung!

Let your flute accompany me!

Let the angels dance to the rhythm!

As from door to door

From shore to shore

Your divine message is spread

Filling ears and heart to the brim

The nectarine story of Your Love unfolds

Penned by Your chosen one

 (Excerpt from My Journey with God)


Your music is a brook,

Running playfully,

Singing teasingly

In the forlorn garden of my heart

Shriveled roses, violets, jasmines

Lift up their heads, wink and smile,

Play on!

God of Love!

Quench my thirst,

Soothe the ache,

Sprout the seeds of bygone desires!



Of your tree so mighty

I am a leaf so green and tiny

Neither an apple nor a fig

I hold on to a twig

                                    In winter I shiver and I freeze                                   


In summer I sway in the breeze

Drenched in torrential rain

I cry in grief and pain

Scalded in the burning sun

I shrivel and I shun

A creeper  I  long to mime

My arms embracing you

Heavenly heights to climb

My soul enlacing you


****************      ********************        *************


With a magic splash of fresh paints,

Trees and plants

Grim and dark,

With a spark

Into emerald-green, are changed,

Donned is the sky in glistening blue,

Splendid and meek, the golden sun

Flirts jauntily,

Budding flowers kissing delicately

Coaxing beauty in the fun;

As spring plays with colors,

With the melodious songs of birds,

With the waltz of cheery butterflies,

With the noble heart of man,

New hopes, like fresh petals unfold,

Blossom gaily in the garden of life.




My groom is in bright orange

I am the bride in green foliage

Singing and dancing merrily

In the gentle wind swirling joyously

When our eyes met lovingly

I shuddered in ecstasy

My eyelids dropped gently

The dazzling vision to treasure tenderly

He cleansed my trembling soul

With showers of wild tears

Covered my naked body

With an avalanche of sweet flowers

Awakened I were to my own reality

We were one

Connected together for eternity



  Mother of Mine

If I were to pen your portrait

Yon memory lane paving my way

Words would fumble and fail to define

Your beauty so pure, so divine

Your laugh chased the gloomiest cloud away

Your tears molten the frozen heart at bay

Years passed by, your hair turned grey

Your sweet smile did not fade away

O Mother of mine!

A shining star in the sky above

Shower on this child of thine

Pink rose petals

           Frise Bas Perle



Her eyes swell up with tears,

As your silhouette disappears;

She sits forlorn and mute,

  Pining for the magic of your flute;

 Your feather-like hands close her eyes suddenly,

Open her vision to your cosmic beauty lovingly!

 Your eyes as mesmerizing as those of the deer,

Lips as red as strawberry in the sphere,

Skin as velvety as a baby’s cheek,

Smile as cheerful as the sun at its peak!

Your fragrance of fresh earth,

Golden corn and wheat,

So pure, so chaste, so neat

Fills up her thirsting soul with joy and mirth,

 Rapturous music pours down in a trance,

Beckoning lovers to play and dance

Lips as red as strawberry in the sphere,

Skin as velvety as a baby’s cheek,

Smile as cheerful as the sun at its peak!

Your fragrance of fresh earth,

Golden corn and wheat,

So pure, so chaste, so neat

Fills up her thirsting soul with joy and mirth,

 Rapturous music pours down in a trance,

Beckoning lovers to play and dance.

Sri Krishna



Graceful, gorgeous white skinned Lord Shankara!

You wear the moon on your head,

You are the elixir of life,

 Remover of pain and suffering;

Immutable, powerful three-eyed Lord Maheswara!

You are the embodiment of light,

Bestower of joy and ecstasy,

       Destroyer of darkness and ignorance;                                                                         

My song is a prayer to you,

My dance is worship to you,

My body is your temple,

My soul belongs to you!

Lord Shiva



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