SOUL POETRY is a collection of the most fantastic and mind blowing poems, verses and quotes that Anita Bacha penned down when inspiration nudged her and words started to flow from her fountain pen like drops of ambrosia on a starving script.

Laced with a tinge of humour, SOUL POETRY is a gold mine not only for the seeker of spiritual love, magic, solace and enlightenment but also for the general reader in search of beauty, fantasy, entertainment, reflexion and relaxation.

This book is an exploration and a discovery of the Self. The spiritual approach of the author to nature, life, love, happiness, joy, adoption, relationships, suffering, adultery, break-ups and death gives a special mythical cliché to the distinctive poems, verses and quotes.

Written for the passionate reader of poetry in mind, she travels with him along a journey of enchanting dreams, beauty and wonder, bringing at times tears to his eyes and at others a smile on his face.

SOUL POETRY brings the writer and the reader together as One Soul in an élan of luscious sharing


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Anita Bacha is a Barrister of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn and an Expert in Intercountry Adoption by profession. Surprisingly, she is also a talented inspirational writer and poet.

She was inspired to write her first love poem when she was a schoolgirl of eleven, only to be scorned by an authoritative and orthodox father. She then gave up poetry writing and concentrated on academic studies.

Nonetheless, her passion for poetry, which she describes as her ‘inseparable lover’, continued to haunt her for innumerable years. By Divine Grace, in 1978, she came across a Spiritual Teacher, in India. She then started on a spiritual odyssey which ultimately led her to self-realization. She authored and published two books on spirituality and self-realization- The Maker of Miracles (2006) and My Journey with God (2008).

SOUL POETRY is her third book.

Anita is a lover of nature, birds, animals, plants and flowers. As a child, she spent countless hours and days, strolling in the sugarcane fields or playing on the sea shore in the Island of Mauritius where she is born.

Her birth family having originated from India and a naturalized British, she is well-acquainted with the cultures of Mauritius, India and Britain. Her writing reflects her closeness to the three states.

In 1986, she retired from the Judiciary where she was a Senior Magistrate and joined the Executive, as the Chairman of the National Adoption Council, an institution set up by the Government of Mauritius, to fight and stop child trafficking and other abuses related to children. New doors opened to her. She travelled across the world to attend International Conferences and seminars, to finally realize that life is a journey from oneself to oneself. All are one. There is God in all beings and beauty in all things.

Anita is married. She is the mother of four wonderful children and the grandmother of five.

In 2008, she was elevated to the rank of Commander of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean, by the President of the Republic of Mauritius, Sir Aneerood Jugnauth Q.C. in recognition of her invaluable contribution in community welfare.







My Friend

One year has passed

Another has stepped in

It all happened so suddenly

In a blink of the eye

Did I love you enough, my dear friend?

Did I say it often enough?

Time waits for none

But love stands the test of time

God has blessed me with this life

And with you my friend

Trust in my love and friendship

You are God’s gift to me

You live in my heart

I love you

Very Happy New Year to you, my friend!

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Love and Poetry

Love and poetry boast no barrier

No religion

No frontier

The poet is an eternal lover

His pen

A magic feather

Tipped with an ardent kiss

Filled with heavenly bliss

His language

The language of the soul

Melting every frozen heart he touches

Opens every heart like a white rose

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

My Poetry

My poetry is my inseparable lover

At night I snuggle and slumber with her

A velvety couch of imagery is our dream

Of mystic lands, beings and forms unseen

In the morn my eyes open to her beauty

In her silky tresses I thread myself furtively

Her kisses are words of ecstasy

Burning my skin as evanescent paper arduously

As she carves with the pen of immortality

She turns to ashes my poet’s frisk and folly

Turning my heart to lyrics of past life and mystery

Together we plough in the pasture of divinity

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