MEXICO’S Guadalajara Book Fair 2016

The Combined Books Exhibit, New York,displays at the Guadalajara Book Fair 2016


Author Anita Bacha

Publisher Partridge India

Book Sellers, Book Lovers,Librarians and the public are invited.

Open until December 05 2016


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When people talk about ‘walls’, I immediately think about the Great Wall of China.

Originally constructed to ward off enemies, now a tourist attraction which brings thousands of people from all over the world together every year.

Reading,writing and books brought me to China in August last. I, the irresistible book worm,was at the Beijing International Book Fair.There is a saying here in China ‘you have not visited China,if you have not climbed the Great Wall. I did and believe me, at my age, it was more pain than pleasure.But I realized one thing of upmost importance -The World is Wonderful ..we must take time to live,not to make a living 



A few months ago, more precisely in May, I visited Chicago in Illinois in the company of my son, Toshlen.

My poetry book ‘Soul Poetry’ published by Partridge India was exhibited by the Combined Book Exhibit of New York at the Book Expo America.

I seized the opportunity to travel to America and I dragged Toshlen along. I was at my third visit to the States. For an unknown reason I am attracted to this country.

On 13 May, we took the bus from Dr. Martin Luther King, Mc Cormick Place to S Indiana Avenue. Toshlen gave me a treat of seafood in a posh restaurant. 

On our way back, he clicked this photo and said 

‘Ma, Donald Trump will win the elections in November!’

He pointed out to me the name ‘TRUMP’ on a building. Being short sighted,I could not see the name but Trump has indeed won the elections. Rough guess or prediction ⁉️

Illustration/Photography/Toshlen Bacha 


My maid passed away just after I left Mauritius for the London Book Fair 2016

 There is a line, though not a straight one, between the people who serve us and the success of our career.

 How much they contribute by their service cannot be grossly overestimated.

The adage ‘the servant is the master of the house’ suddenly found its meaning under my bewildered eyes when I opened the main entrance door of my domicile.

 Heavy festoons of cobweb, rat pooh littered like black seeds of grapes on the floor layered with a carpet of thick dust greeted me.

I breathed in the foul smell of decayed garbage and dead bodies of rats putrefying under the teak furniture.

My nostrils and my throat smarted. I turned back. I rushed out for a breath of fresh air.

 Rats were her nightmares.

She laid traps for them.

Death laid a trap for her when an oncoming car knocked her down on the road.

 Ironically, Buddha says: Life is a wheel.

In the olden days, to keep them subservient, house maids were not allowed to use their minds creatively. My maid, a stout Creole woman in her forties, had a good education and she followed a course in housekeeping. She ran my house as her own. I was totally lost without her. She was the mistress of the house. My sense of humanity allowed this.

Anita Bacha




When we write,we inscribe what we know 

When we read, we discover what we do not know.

Jonathan Rabb, the American author, was pleasantly surprised.I queued up for his autograph at the BEA 2016.

 “You are a published poet!”he exclaimed when I showed him my poetry book. “Where can I find your book?”

I pointed to the Combined Book Exhibit at the entrance of the book fair.

I devoured his proof in one gulp.His book ‘Among the Living’ was not published yet. A captivating love story of unequal beauty…set up in a land unknown to me until I came to the last page.