MEXICO’S Guadalajara Book Fair 2016

The Combined Books Exhibit, New York,displays at the Guadalajara Book Fair 2016


Author Anita Bacha

Publisher Partridge India

Book Sellers, Book Lovers,Librarians and the public are invited.

Open until December 05 2016


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When people talk about ‘walls’, I immediately think about the Great Wall of China.

Originally constructed to ward off enemies, now a tourist attraction which brings thousands of people from all over the world together every year.

Reading,writing and books brought me to China in August last. I, the irresistible book worm,was at the Beijing International Book Fair.There is a saying here in China ‘you have not visited China,if you have not climbed the Great Wall. I did and believe me, at my age, it was more pain than pleasure.But I realized one thing of upmost importance -The World is Wonderful ..we must take time to live,not to make a living 



Par excellence, a major travel destination
Frankfurt entices the biggest books celebration
The content literary oriented will find displayed
Poetry, classical, horror on shelves neatly arranged
My flight on British Airways was booked
A voracious book worm was hooked
I have to make it to Frankfurt Buchmesse
I hazily jump out of bed, rush…rush
The alarm of my Smartphone rings too late
I am in the kitchen sipping hot chocolate
Half asleep in my pyjamas on the toilet seat
I compose and send an illustrated tweet
 Shampoo and body wash under the hot shower
Up the stairs I climb to switch off the timer
So many little but significant things to remember
When leaving home deserted mid October
A brand new fine linen voile white shirt
A stylish pleated black cotton skirt
 Colourful leg warmers and thermal socks
Ouch! The thermal pants pinch the buttocks
I have radiant energetic youthful looks
I am totally and absolutely in love with books
Trendy in knee high leather boots
Matching jacket and a satchel of books
I drive with confidence to Heathrow, Terminal five
My mind set in catching the early morning flight
Anita Bacha