On the onset of winter 

In the dark night of wither 

I saw the moon 

A smirk on her face 

‘Why do you smile so soon?’

I asked with a grimace 

‘Why is there a stain on your forehead?’

‘I smile behind my mask of grief ‘she said 

‘The blot on my forehead is to remind us that when we wound

A kindred human being, we bear a blemish on our face.’




“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree,

I ‘ll never grow up.” J.M.Barrie

Citation/Source/The Great British Book Shop

In the picture, 😘my grand daughter .She takes after me in climbing trees 😀


What does Buddha have to say about poems?

I found this profound citation in a magazine yesterday. I was at Terminal 4 Heathrow waiting to board the AirMauritius flight to Mauritius.

I was about to write this prompt on my blog-

The best part of a journey is the way back home 

When I think about it,we are all engaged on a spiritual journey 

The way back home and the ultimate destination is the same for all of us

Life is the most beautiful poem