On the onset of winter 

In the dark night of wither 

I saw the moon 

A smirk on her face 

‘Why do you smile so soon?’

I asked with a grimace 

‘Why is there a stain on your forehead?’

‘I smile behind my mask of grief ‘she said 

‘The blot on my forehead is to remind us that when we wound

A kindred human being, we bear a blemish on our face.’



Festival of Lights 

Hello my loving friends and followers, 

In Mauritius and all around the world, Hindus are celebrating DIVALI, the Festival of Lights tonight 

There are many religious, cultural and traditional reasons for this celebration depending on the region where you live or from where you originate in India 

But wherever we are in the world, we celebrate the victory of Light over darkness, of Goodness over wrongdoing and of Knowledge over ignorance ❤️

Thought for the Day ( DIVALI 2012 -The Festival of Lights)


O Lord! Lead me from darkness to Light

Lead me from ignorance to Knowledge

From illusion to Reality

From death to Immortality

Anita Bacha