Write to me the words

Write to me the words of love

 That you don’t dare to tell me

 Write to me the words

 Write to me the words of love

That you blow in my hair

 At night when you sleep near me

Write to me the words

 Write to me the words of love

 That you draw on the sand

And the jealous wave clears with her lips

 Write to me the words

 Write to me the words of the melody that you hum

 And the wind carries in a waltz of leaves

Write to me the words

 Write to me the words of love

 In a book without page

  With the ink of eternity

Anita Bacha©

Illustration/Painting/Artist/Francis Apied




My poetry is my inseparable lover

At night I snuggle and slumber with her

A velvety couch of imagery is our dream

Of mystic lands beings and forms unseen

In the morning my eyes open to her beauty

In her silky tresses I thread myself furtively

Her kisses are words of ecstasy

Burning my skin as evanescent paper arduously

As she carves with the pen of immortality

She turns to ashes my poet’s frisk and folly

Turning my heart to lyrics of past life and mystery

Together we plough in the pasture of eternity 





My groom is in bright orange

I am the bride in green foliage

Singing and dancing merrily

In the gentle wind swirling joyously

When our eyes met lovingly

I shuddered in ecstasy

My eyelids dropped gently

The dazzling vision to treasure tenderly

He cleansed my trembling soul

With showers of wild tears

Covered my naked body

With an avalanche of sweet flowers

Awakened I were to my own reality

We were one

Connected together for eternity

***Anita Bacha ***