Grieving My Lost Love

Your face I behold in a dream
So lovely, so immaculate
Like the moon in a perfect sky
A blessed vision
Graced by the Sweet Comforter
To connect me with you
A new zeal awakes in my heart
You have come again
To receive my love

Anita Bacha

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Poem – The Flute Player

 Soft and enchanting music


Opened the gates of heaven;


I tiptoed out of breath


In a garden of gorgeous flowers;


Intoxicated by the scent of the flora


Of all beauty


I tilted slightly


Almost lost myself;


Enthralled by the sweetest of the sweet fragrance


I fell under the charm of the flute player


Anita Bacha


Flute Player


  Flute Player!

 In the lake of her heart

 Your melancholic music

 Floats in rapture

 Her dancing eyes

 Her laughing eyes



 Crying for more

Anita Bacha