On the onset of winter 

In the dark night of wither 

I saw the moon 

A smirk on her face 

‘Why do you smile so soon?’

I asked with a grimace 

‘Why is there a stain on your forehead?’

‘I smile behind my mask of grief ‘she said 

‘The blot on my forehead is to remind us that when we wound

A kindred human being, we bear a blemish on our face.’





 Listen to the tears of a woman

Listen to the scent of roses

Her tears gently caress the roses

They are the last blooms of this summer

She is the last rose of this summer

Listen to the wind blowing

Listen to the rustle of leaves

Her hair sings wooing with the leaves

They are the last leaves of this summer

 She is the last leaf of this summer

 Listen to the beat of your selfish heart

Listen to your tears

They slip madly on the body of a woman

They are the last tears that you shed this summer

She is the last woman you’ll ever love

Listen to the rain

Listen to the drops that water the plain

They wash immaculately the dust of summer

It is the dust of last summer

Listen to the man you’ve become

Listen to your soul

So you will know the true meaning of love

Anita Bacha

Thought for the Day

I woke up this morning as fresh as a daisy

Jumping with ‘joie de vivre’ and upbeat energy

An avalanche of love pours from my heart

As I open to the Universe

Unto its luminescence folds

– Anita Bacha –

Flamingos' Heart

Thought for the Day

a blue butterfly

I am not flirtatious. I adore people and I love to ramble from place to place.

Everywhere I go and every new face I encounter

I leave a piece of my heart

– Anita Bacha –