A few months ago, more precisely in May, I visited Chicago in Illinois in the company of my son, Toshlen.

My poetry book ‘Soul Poetry’ published by Partridge India was exhibited by the Combined Book Exhibit of New York at the Book Expo America.

I seized the opportunity to travel to America and I dragged Toshlen along. I was at my third visit to the States. For an unknown reason I am attracted to this country.

On 13 May, we took the bus from Dr. Martin Luther King, Mc Cormick Place to S Indiana Avenue. Toshlen gave me a treat of seafood in a posh restaurant. 

On our way back, he clicked this photo and said 

‘Ma, Donald Trump will win the elections in November!’

He pointed out to me the name ‘TRUMP’ on a building. Being short sighted,I could not see the name but Trump has indeed won the elections. Rough guess or prediction ⁉️

Illustration/Photography/Toshlen Bacha 




Wake up my beloved
It’s time for us to make love
The sun is about to rise
Our paths are going to part
In the night you nestle in my heart
This is where I’ll love to keep you

Story behind the photo

I found this nest and three little birds in my chimney this morning. For an unknown reason, it crossed my mind to clean the chimney before I lit the water heater.

Evidently, the parents built their nest in the chimney during my absence from home.

I feel blessed . Today is also the birthday of my son … Pet name Pomme 🍏