KRISHNA, one of the many gods of Hinduism, is the embodiment of charismatic love, immaculate beauty, celestial joy and eternal youth. He is an incarnation of VISHNU, the Preserver in the triad of Gods Brahma Vishnu and Maheswara.

KRISHNA is so beautiful that he is often referred to as a doll. Many can’t make out from his overwhelmingly refined looks whether he is a man or a woman. Also known as being the perfect union between man and woman or between God and his devotee, he embodies the pleasure, emotion and everlasting rapture that is derived from love making.

In every incarnation, VISHNU meets up, adores and caresses his beloved wife LAKSHMI, the goddess of wealth, beauty, prosperity and knowledge. In His incarnation as KRISHNA, he finds LAKSHMI as his beloved RADHA, the embodiment of the perfect woman and lover.

KRISHNA is also known as the flute player. His enchanting music is known to make his devotees crazily fall in love with him.

KRISNA opens the heart to the pleasure of love. Wherever KRISHNA is installed, love beckons, love sings and dances; the soul is uplifted to celestial summit.

KRISNA is also known by other adorable names- Murali Gopala (the flute player), Chitchor (the stealer of hearts), and SRI (God), Shyama.

It is believed that if we see a statue of KRISHNA, we touch him, and we love him, we must take him and keep him.

‘Those who worship gods, become gods; those who worship ancestors become ancestors; those who worship the elements master the elements; and THOSE WHO WORSHIP ME GAIN ME!’- Bhagavad Gita 9.25




You are born again and again

Like a flame in my heart, my Beloved!

My eyes marvel and rejoice at your sight

In the darkness you are my light!

In the void your voice is rapturous music

When you are with me nothing is amiss

Every droplet of rain is a cup of bliss

Every thorn is a budding lotus flower

Every woe is over and done forever!




Ode to the Holy One

Ode to the Holy One

You are born again and again

Like a flame in my heart, O Holy One!

My eyes marvel and rejoice at your sight,

In the darkness you are my light!

In the void your voice is rapturous music,

When you are with me nothing is amiss;

Every droplet of rain is a cup of bliss;

Every thorn is a budding lotus flower;

Every woe is over and done forever!

Anita Bacha

(Excerpt from SOUL POETRY, 04 2015)

Krishna He who resides in your heart

The Conception and Birth of the Sri Sathya Sai Gold Lingam Statue

 Aum Sri Sai Ram

Sri Banke Bihari

The fascinated journey started on the 05 December 1982. I visited the Vrindavan Ashram of the Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Whitefield in Bangalore, a State in the South of India. The Baba ‘called’ for me. Blessed with a good dose of insight, I knew in advance that wonderful things were going to happen to satiate my hunger for the mystic and the supernatural.

Magnificent things did happen in the Divine Presence of the Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Captivated by an unfailing feeling of awe and astonishment, to top the cream of eerie coincidences, quizzical confusion, ambiguous situations and bouts of illusion mixed with reality, I saw a Holy Vision (Sudarshana) of the Sri Baba under the broad daylight! The white marble statue of the Lord Sri Krishna, also known as the Lord of Vrindavan (or The Flute Player) which stood gracefully in the garden of the ashram turned into the living image of the Sri Baba playing the flute under my bewildered eyes! I was stunned! Spellbound!

Years after and more precisely in 2013, in an unforeseen event I met a remarkable creative artist, Ankit Sharma, in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.  During a conversation which I had with him and by mere coincidence, he told me that his roots originated from a Jangid Brahman family who made statues of God in white marble. I jumped with joy! Ankit was told in minor details about my Holy Vision of the Sai and how the white marble statue of the Sri Krishna metamorphosed into the Baba under my nose and my marveled eyes.

In turn, Ankit related to me his secret dreams of the Baba. Embarrass, he admitted that he was not a devotee and had never seen the Baba, yet he had so many dreams of Him. He was bowled over!

 Feeling absolutely blessed and, to discover the true meaning of the holy vision and the secret dreams, we, on the spot and without ado, planned a trip to Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, to visit the holy abode of the Lord Krishna.

 Accompanied by friends and family members, we set out on a five days’vist to Vrindavan on a memorable 29 November 2013.Ankit was our guide! Our schedule consisted of a holy pilgrimage to the Banke Bihari Temple, the Sri Radha Damodar Mandir and the Iskcon Temple, among others. What we found was sheer Beauty! In every cornerstone, in every leaf, every petal, every bead of the “tulsi’ japa mala, every sound, every echo, we found God. There, in Vrindavan, we both received guidance from the Baba to conceive and to bring to life the Sri Sathya Sai Gold Lingam Statue. The task allotted to us was a true blessing. We performed it with humility, faith and great joy.

 In no time and by the Grace of the Lord we set up our e-commerce.

The Gold Lingam which symbolizes the seed of Creation is the exclusivity of Our Baba Idol, made with Pure Unconditional Love, uniquely for Pure Unconditional Love!



Love makes us pure, humble, simple, childlike and unselfish

Love makes the world a playing field

Where you and I, animals and birds, plants and flowers

Play freely, in perfect bliss!

– Anita Bacha –???????????????????

Short Story ‘Harry and Krishna’


Once there was a little boy who lived with his poor, widowed mother in a far away village.

His name was Harry. During school holidays he had no friend with whom to play. His mother was a loving woman and played with him when she was not busy with her household chores. One day, however, she fell ill and Harry became very lonely. His mother consoled him and told him to go out and play with Krishna.

‘Who is Krishna?’ Harry asked his mother.

‘Krishna is the friend of all!’

Harry rushed out eagerly calling ‘Krishna! Krishna!’

‘Hello!’ said a cow herd boy coming from behind a tree ‘why are you calling my name?’

“Let’s play!’ Harry uttered with joy.

They played together during the school holidays.

Back to school, Harry told the school master about his new friend, Krishna. The school master listened to his story but did not believe a word of it.

Soon it was the birthday of the school master. Harry became very sad; he had no money to buy him a birthday present. His mother then reminded him of his friend Krishna.

‘Go and  talk to your friend Krishna’ she told Harry, ‘he will surely help you!’

Harry did as he was told and Krishna gave him a pot of butter milk.

‘Here! This is a birthday present for your school master!’

Unfortunately, the school master was not happy with the present. He scorned at it and asked his servant to throw the milk curd away. The servant complied but amazingly, the pot was filled with milk curd again. After several attempts to empty the pot, he ran to the school master to tell him about the incredible happening.

‘What!’ the school master exclaimed ‘it is a magic pot!’ He immediately summoned Harry and asked him about the source of the pot.

When Harry replied that his friend Krishna gave it to him, the school master asked him to take him to Krishna immediately.

‘I want to see your friend!’ he exclaimed.

 The school master followed Harry to the place where Krishna was meeting him. At the top of his voice, Harry called for his friend but Krishna did not appear. Then from behind a tree, they heard a voice

‘Why are you calling me Harry?’

‘My school master wants to see you’ he replied.

‘No one can see me unless he believes in me, Harry! Your school master does not believe in me!’

The school master was bowled over. He returned to the school with his tail between his legs.

Anita Bacha

Flute Player


  Flute Player!

 In the lake of her heart

 Your melancholic music

 Floats in rapture

 Her dancing eyes

 Her laughing eyes



 Crying for more

Anita Bacha