Thought for the Day

Where there is no solution

There is no problem

Anita Bacha


4 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. Thank you for the follow and your appreciation of my post.. I recall the days when I was a novice on WordPress; I really did not know how to blog.I started by posting thoughts etc trying to get an audience. Thank you once more. Matter of fact there was no problem.


  2. Thanks for following my blog! I am glad you did because I always make it a point to check out and follow anyone who takes the time to do the same for mine. I am very impressed by your bio and wondered if you may consider helping us accomplish this monster mission we have of serving everyone who needs care for mental health, and addictions help- I am fighting an uphill battle since the drug makers rule America so nobody is excited to help fund us. I have never taken a dime, sold an ad or anything in the 4 years on this blog as to never be accused of bad motives…so if you know of anyone who may like to be involved, of course you first, I would love to have you on the board of directors I am assembling. Your experience is remarkable. My email is just in case an idea strikes…God Bless tj

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